Wed 14 Aug 2019 19:11

Malton and Norton RUFC recognise the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people in rugby. As part of our commitment, we will not permit photographs or recorded images of young people to be taken or used without the consent of the parent/guardian of the young person.

The RFU/RFUW recognises that publicity and pictures of young people enjoying rugby are essential to promote the sport and a healthy lifestyle.

The Club will follow the best practice guidance provided by the RFU/RFUW for the use of photographic images set out in ‘The Welfare of Young People in Rugby Union Guidance’.
The Club will:
1. Ensure parents/guardian/young person have granted their consent for the taking and publication of photographic images and have signed and returned the Parent/Guardian and Young Person permission form. This will be incorporated into the Club’s annual registration form and will include consent for publication on Social Media

2. Sharing of photographic images and video footage on Social Media will only be via a closed group page for Parents/Guardians only.

3. Where the young person is subject of a court order the young person’s parent/guardian must inform the Club Safeguarding Officer to seek guidance.

4. Coaches and Team managers will share the information on which children may be photographed or have recorded images taken and manage accordingly.

5. From time to time photographic images and recorded images may be used for promotional purposes and celebration of the activities of rugby on the Club website or during training sessions. The Club CEF September 2018 will take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If at anytime the parent/guardian or the young person wishes to withdraw consent to the use of such images, the Club Safeguarding Officer shall be informed.

6. The use of picture mobile phones/digital cameras/camcorders will be prohibited in the changing areas. A ‘Dressing Room Policy’ is on display in all player changing areas.

7. The Club will operate a ‘By Consent Only’ rule for the taking of photographic images or recording of images of young people by visiting clubs. Visiting Team Coaches or Team Managers will need to liaise with home Club Coaches or Team Managers.

8. The Club will operate a ‘By Consent Only’ rule for the taking of photographic images or recording of images of young people by commercial photography companies. Anyone taking photographs or recording should make themselves known to the event organisers/persons in charge and be able to identify themselves if requested during the course of the event. All commercial/media photographers will be asked to complete and sign an ‘Event Registration’ form. Forms available from Minis/Junior Chairman or Club Safeguarding Officer.

9. All concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography shall be reported in confidence to the Club Safeguarding Officer.

10. Everybody has a ‘duty of care’ to protect and safeguard young people. Club Officials, Coaches, Team Managers, First Aid Volunteers, Parents will be encouraged to approach any suspicious/unknown adults taking photographic images and ask to refrain from doing so. Anyone taking photographs or recording at any rugby event must have a valid reason for doing so and seek the permission of the organisers/persons in charge.

11. Information received will be treated in strictest confidence and shared on a ‘need to know basis’ only following data protection and safeguarding children and young people legislation.